IMG_7897The past several months have been big for me.  I’ve been stretched like bow string lately.  At times I feel like my strings will pop and frizzle in all directions.  There are several steps that you can employ to aid in this feeling of overwhelm.

I noticed that when this feeling arises, there is a skill that can be applied to lessen this sense of pressure.  I call it a skill because it is quite difficult to do.  It is to stop and ask yourself, “What am I anxious about?”  This is the most important step because in our society, we are pushed and pulled in so many directions, most of us have been trained to not stop and notice.   The next step is to take that item, grab a pencil, a pad of paper or your trusted journal and begin writing.  Write these several things down:  1. What am I anxious about?  2. Why am I anxious?  3. What is one thing I can do to take a step toward a solution?  Usually, the the problem is a lot smaller than we make it when we are in the anxious thought state.  As I write, it helps to clarify what the issue is which in turn helps me to what I would like my next steps to be.  Taking the first step is usually when we say to ourselves, “Okay, I made that waaaay harder then it needed to be!”

My most recent jobs have developed me as a filmmaker and storyteller in many ways.  I have been challenged to learn how to monetize my business so that my accountant isn’t on my case!  I have learned how to make a comprehensive business plan with a spreadsheet estimating income and expenses and a brief description of my work, thanks to my super strategic husband (Business Plan Sample).  I also have diversified the length of video I am comfortable producing.  I have found the internet is a wealth of information and tips on how to do every length of video, a 24/7 film school.  I used this great link for generating ideas on how to produce a 30 second television spot.  See I hope you enjoy it too.  It is through community and sharing ideas that we lift eachother.

This year my husband and I received the fortunate opportunity to what can be equated to a “young TED” conference called Summit.  Through this special invitation, we both learned that we should “Make no small plans!”  Just this simple idea has stretched us both, especially when feeling afraid to put ourselves out there when we are not quite sure how to do something with our craft, and think big about things.  It is with this intention that one really stretches and develops into the person we are intended to be.

It is important to remember to stop and get clear and to surround yourselves with big thinking individuals who might be a few steps ahead of you on something.  We were designed to be in community and to lift eachother.  This also leads to the most important stretching activity…lifting someone else once you have developed your craft.  The biggest gift of all is helping someone become great!