img_1693It’s finally here. We are launching our first web series today. What a feeling to have something that you have worked so hard on for a long time, two years to be exact, actually coming together to share with the world! There is not any better feeling than having worked on something consistently over time, overcoming obstacles, because with any good cause or project there will be those, and getting to a point that you feel really proud of what you have created.

At one time I submitted a documentary topic for review by a potential funder and one of her comments was, “This is not your story.” I didn’t understand this at the time. I felt passionate about this topic and story. There was a little doubt in my mind but I tried to ignore it. It could have been timing or the project in general but ultimately it did not go forward. That comment stayed with me, but I felt a little annoyed about it, to be honest. I thought for sure that was my story and I was mad that it wasn’t working out. Then life went on and I had a few small projects. I began to seek guidance through journaling, self exploration, and prayer. I received a vision of a project that actually connected to what I was living at the time. It was “my story”, though I didn’t know that it was at the time. To me, it was my husband’s story about following his dream to be a professional race car driver. No matter how much I put off filming and getting started, the ideas kept coming. It was like I couldn’t get away from it. This idea felt different, there was a certainty and many reasons that I believed whole heartedly made it a doable project. I had complete confidence in the idea. That didn’t mean I knew how to accomplish it, but I was 100% sure that this was “my story”. I finally got what that term meant. It didn’t mean that it was all about me, it meant that it was the right story for me to tell now. I’ve learned many things on this project but here are three things that stand out.

Step 1:
If you get an idea repeatedly, listen and start it! The worst thing that can happen is, it doesn’t pan out. Big deal, we learn so much from our failures, which doesn’t make them a failure at all! Right? I failed once on a documentary, miserably. It felt horrible, my confidence was low, I missed big things that I shouldn’t have in the business negotiations, and I just didn’t act as professionally as I would have liked. But, guess what? I feel extra great to be here now with our site launching tomorrow especially great because I have overcome some failures that have taught me to be a better business person and producer. So, what are you worried about? Get started! You can’t lose!

Step 2:
When doubt or anxiety tries to creep in, and it will, in many forms to defeat you, recognize it for what it is. It is a voice of distraction, it isn’t you, it is the world, fear, a helpful acronym I learned as a child is False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is not a thing, it’s a thought. The trick is to turn it off and turn on the inspiration. Just like in the “Book of Mormon” show, “Turn it off!” Can I say LOL here? Ignore the fear and get going. Journal about it if you have to which will help you get clear on what you are afraid of, but then identify it and release it. It is just a distraction, a mental construct to try to derail you from your dreams. The only way out of fear and into your dreams is through and with courage. Be courageous, try new things, start new projects. As in Step 1 remember, you can’t lose! Failures are teachers not failures.

Step 3:
Once you get started, be persistant and work hard. I thought I’d produce a television concept and then sell it I had visions of making my own money (nothing wrong with this) but it became a distraction which misled me into thinking that this could be hard just for a short time. I had to develop a flexible mindset to adjust when things didn’t go according to my original vision. Be open to new paths, work hard, and this means: learn everything you can, get mentors, read books, watch webinars, write your ideas in a journal. Try things and try again a different way if it doesn’t work. Get feedback, push through the fear of exposure and failure. Eventually the scale tips and you will begin noticing how fun the work is. Consistancy and hard work are the keys to success. Nothing good comes easy. The minute you want it to be easy, is when you stop learning.

I now wake up at night to write ideas down and love what I do. I am excited to share it with you! Check out our website and YouTube channel listed below. Enjoy the fruits of a labor of love! What project are you working on?