The season is upon us, the tree is lit, the villages are up, we even had snow on the valley floor the other day. I’m pushing hard to get gifts wrapped and under the tree and simultaneously producing several Fastlife episodes for your enjoyment over the holidays. Luckily I film everything so there is no shortage of material. Here are some strategies that I am employing to stay sane over the holidays and enjoy my work.

The most important change I have made is drinking water. I can’t believe I resisted this for so long! The catalyst was when I went to my massage therapist last week and it was so horrible and uncomfortable (not because he is bad) that he told me I need to come back in a week and go on a super hydration mission of at least 80oz. of water per day. I made the commitment and I’m eight days in. It was upsetting that I couldn’t put my jeans on yesterday, I think I am still holding water, but I feel like a million bucks! More than anything my conscience is clear and I’m not in my head about how much unhealthy stuff I am eating and drinking that isn’t good for me so it’s clearing up more mental capacity for my work . That’s helpful when there’s a lot going on!

The second biggest change I have made is waking up early and getting a little work done before everyone is up. I also read something inspirational, this morning it was a section in my Bible lesson. It starts the day on a clean slate with something positive and if you can remain a little conscious of that good throughout the day, it really makes a difference.

And, last I am making the lists of what I need to do and then scheduling them on my calendar. I’ve realized I try to do way to much and end up with a tremendous amount of frustration not being able to complete tasks on time. The trouble is, that “thought” wasn’t very thought out! It was a I’ll do this, this , and this and then this and then I’ll be all done masterfully, on the fly, while cooking breakfast and packing the kids’ school lunches. So I now take a few minutes each day to stop and look at the list and really think about the amount of time each task takes. It is incredibly freeing to know the things that you know you need to do will get done and you don’t need to try to cram them in all at once and finish it all by the end of the day.

By employing these three strategies, I have made my filming, directing, editing, and producing job, a little more fun. It has freed up time also to create some new workflow strategies which I will address next week! Have you checked out our web series yet? We are hoping to have 100 subscribers on You Tube by next week. We are currently at 87! You can find the newest episode and a subscribe button just to the right on www.fastlife.tvchristmas-1015332_1920. Happy Holidays!